Reboot Meetup for Lead Gen

Some background:

Way back in 2018 & 2019, I would host a weekly meetup. I would select an East Memphis coffee shop and treat this 1 hour a week as open office hours. I would have people show up with all kinds of digital marketing question.

I did a few things right.

  1. Consistency – I had a weekly standing time and same general area of town.
  2. Discoverable – I published the event details on, Facebook and Eventbrite.
  3. Valuable – I delivered the attendees valuable and actionable content.

I did a LOT of stuff wrong. Hindsight has taught me many valuable lessons on how I could have done just about everything better.

It’s now time to put these lessons into action.

Reboot of Memphis SEO Meetup group

Basic structure:

  • Host a weekly meetup.
  • Distribute content to attendees/members.
  • Have a donation suggestion available.
  • Have a paid consulting offer available.

Action Items:

  • Create an member avatar
  • Create a member survey [done]
  • Create a free report for joining
  • Create about organizer content [done]
  • Create donation page
  • Create paid consultation page[done]

More to come on this project as I progress.


Memphis SEO Meetup

Paid Consultation Page

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By finnious Scott Finney

Scott Finney is a Marketing Strategist with a focus on SEO Management and AI-Driven Marketing Solutions. With over 9 years of experience, Scott has a proven track record of driving organic traffic and customer growth. He is the founder of Creating Value, LLC, a Memphis-based advertising agency. LinkedIn: X (formerly Twitter): @finnious 📍 Location: Memphis, TN