What is Google Doing

Taken from a project chat:

  • Google is trashing ranking tools – they want you more reliant on Google Search Console position.
  • These recent SERP updates are more for mobile search than desktop(depends on the search, but we know our customer is more mobile)
  • Google is moving conversions/transactions into the SERP – more obvious if you watch e-commerce.
  • All that to say this… All our digital assets need to be
    • optimized for capturing customer in SERP
    • optimized for providing Google content, knowing that Google is not sending users there, but using the content in SERP or to validate we should be in SERP
    • optimized for showing “happy” user signals to Google. Hey Google, when you send people here that are looking for this, they find what they are looking for!

By finnious Scott Finney

Scott Finney is a Marketing Strategist with a focus on SEO Management and AI-Driven Marketing Solutions. With over 9 years of experience, Scott has a proven track record of driving organic traffic and customer growth. He is the founder of Creating Value, LLC, a Memphis-based advertising agency. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottfinney/ X (formerly Twitter): @finnious 📍 Location: Memphis, TN

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