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4,330 miles on a bicycle

June 6 – August 12 2017

TransAmerica Journey of Hope Route

Arrival in Washington DC August 2017
finnious Scott Finney cycling on Journey of Hope 2017

Journey of Hope archived information below…

Finnious Scott Finney on Memphis Local News

This Summer, Memphian Scott Finney is riding a bicycle coast to coast over 4,000 miles from Seattle, Washington, to Washington, D.C. raising funds and awareness on behalf of people with disabilities. But just 9 months ago, Scott Finney was physically unable to do this. In order to make this dream possible, Scott had to go on a life-changing transformation. In just 9 months, Scott dropped over 70 pounds, going from 268 to 198 on the scale. The decision to make no more excuses gave Scott the determination to change his habits and diet to lose the necessary weight.

Scott has been working out at the Kroc Center and attending spin classes at Victory Bike Studio. He has been taking advantage of the Greenline and the recently added bike lanes in order to prepare for his journey across the country. Joining the group rides organized by the Memphis Hightailers bicycle club has helped.

Scott joined our spin class with a very basic knowledge of bicycling. Throughout the past several months, Scott has been in our bi-weekly classes and digging deep. He’s gone from 1hr classes with just 15min of accumulative time spent in aerobic zones North of 70% of his Max, to here recently completing a class that boasted double that! 30min of a 1hr class accumulative was spent between 72-85% of his maximum output. This is huge growth!! Sure that has resulted in weight loss, but its also helped teach Scott how to properly use his bike as a tool, and not just as transportation, an efficiency skill-set that will make this epic cross country trip far more pleasurable and attainable.

Clark Butcher owner, Victory Bicycle Studio – Broad Avenue Memphis, TN

From June 6th to August 12th, Scott will be riding over 75 miles per day, on average, as part of the 3 month Journey of Hope. Scott is taking the TransAmerica route, and will meet on the steps of the Capital in Washington, D.C. with 30 other Pi Kappa Phi brothers. The Journey of Hope is a philanthropy mission created by Scott’s fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi that raises over $500,000 for people with disabilities annually.

The bike ride is an example of service beyond self. The Journey of Hope serves the fraternity, to serve people with disabilities, and spread hope across the nation. “My father’s continued involvement in the fraternity has inspired me to ride the Journey of Hope,” said Scott Finney. “He showed me that the fraternity experience doesn’t end after college.”

Across the country, people will greet Scott when he arrives in their city. There are several facebook pages dedicated and you can contribute to the ride at:

Scott Finney’s dedication to training for his transcontinental bike ride has been impressive to witness. The transformation of Scott combined with the cause of The Ability Experience is something that is very easy to support. I am honored to welcome Scott as he rides through Denver this July

Christopher A. Whitestone DDS, 4th Avenue Family Dentistry Denver, Colorado

About Scott Finney:

Scott Finney is the owner of the Creating Value, LLC, a company that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools and resources they need to find customers online. He joined Pi Kappa Phi at Auburn University in 1998. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.

About The Journey of Hope:

In 1987, one man’s dream of riding his bike across the country came true. The very next year, his ride inspired The Ability Experience to create the largest fraternal fundraising and awareness event of its kind, the Journey of Hope. Today the Journey of Hope covers 32 different states, cycling over 12,000 miles combined, continuing to spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities. From the inaugural team of 21 team members raising $20,000, the team has since been expanded into three different routes of 35 Pi Kappa Phis and annually raises more than $500,000 for people with disabilities.

Ways to contribute

In-kind contributions

(e.g. cycling equipment, apparel, travel expenses, a beer on the ride) can be made via paypal

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When does the bike ride start?

The Transamerica route kickoff dinner is June 6th. The following morning, on June 7th, Scott’s team departs from Seattle.

How can we follow your ride?

Like the finnious Scott Finney Facebook page.

What can we do to help?

I would really appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, and following my trip and any donations!

Donations to the Ability Experience

In-kind contributions
(e.g. cycling equipment, apparel, travel expenses, a beer on the ride)
can be made via paypal

When does the 2017 Journey of Hope Transamerica route start?

June 7th we ride away from Seattle, Washington.
August 12th we arrive at the steps on the Capital in Washington D.C.

2017 Tour Dates

Click the city for more information on that location.

6/6 Seattle, WA
6/7 Enumclaw, WA
6/8 Yakima, WA
6/9 Richland, WA
6/10 Walla Walla, WA
6/11 Pullman, WA
6/12 Spokane, WA
6/13 Spokane, WA
6/14 Rathdrum, ID
6/15 Sandpoint, ID
6/16 Thompson Falls, MT
6/17 Missoula, MT
6/18 Missoula, MT
6/19 Philipsburg, MT
6/20 Butte, MT
6/21 Bozeman, MT
6/22 West Yellowstone, MT
6/23 West Yellowstone, MT
6/24 Jackson, WY
6/25 Jackson, WY
6/26 Dubois, WY
6/27 Shoshoni, WY
6/28 Casper, WY
6/29 Casper, WY
6/30 Wheatland, WY
7/1 Cheyenne, WY
7/2 Fort Collins, CO
7/3 Boulder, CO
7/4 Denver, CO
7/5 Denver, CO
7/6 Colorado Springs, CO
7/7 Colorado Springs, CO
7/8 Pueblo, CO
7/9 Lamar, CO
7/10 Garden City, KS
7/11 Dodge City, KS
7/12 Pratt, KS
7/13 Wichita, KS
7/14 Wichita, KS
7/15 Emporia, KS
7/16 Topeka, KS
7/17 Olathe, KS
7/18 Olathe, KS
7/19 Sedalia, MO
7/20 Columbia, MO
7/21 Union, MO
7/22 St. Louis, MO
7/23 St. Louis, MO
7/24 Vandalia, IL
7/25 Terre Haute, IN
7/26 Bloomington, IN
7/27 Indianapolis, IN
7/28 Indianapolis, IN
7/29 Cincinnati, OH
7/30 Lexington, KY
7/31 Lexington, KY
8/1 Morehead, KY
8/2 Huntingon, WV
8/3 Charleston, WV
8/4 Beckley, WV
8/5 Blacksburg, VA
8/6 Roanoke, VA
8/7 Roanoke, VA
8/8 Lynchburg, VA
8/9 Charlottesville, VA
8/10 Front Royal, VA
8/11 Falls Church, VA
8/12 Washington, DC

posted 2017.04.17

This summer I am biking 4,370 miles across the USA. Starting June 6th in Seattle Washington. Ending August 12th in Washington DC. We will be averaging 75 miles a day.

For those of you asking, why?!?!? It’s to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities.

The best way to follow along is via this Facebook Page

Over the past 8 months I’ve lost over 60 pounds and trained harder than ever before in my life. This has been an amazing journey already and we haven’t even started the bike ride yet.

Do you have a product or service you would like me to share during this 2.5 month ride?? If you are interested in sponsoring my ride, please contact me through any channel that works best for you. email/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

If you are feeling charitable right this moment, please consider a $7 donation to my rider donation page.


Talk soon,

posted: 2017.01.29

Hey ,

This summer I’m cycling across the entire United States.


I’m biking over 3,000 miles. Starting on the West coast and ending in Washington DC.

Why? Because it forces me to…

  1. Get my health where it should be.
  2. Reach the business goals that allow me the freedom to pursue bigger things.
  3. Most importantly, raise money for a cause I’m passionate about.

This cross country ride is called the Journey of Hope.

Since I started training six months ago, I’ve already lost over 30 pounds and have never felt better.

I am more committed than ever and want to invite you to join in this cause with me (don’t worry, you don’t have to bike 3000 miles).

All I need is a small, tax deductible donation of $7 (or more if you’re feeling especially generous).  Here’s the link…


Again, any size contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your support!


P.S. Lastly, feel free to follow my progress on and spread the word by forwarding this email to a close friend.

posted: 2016.08

I have just 11 months before the 2017 Journey of Hope starts. This will be my greatest physical challenge. My longest bike ride to date is 26 miles. My starting weight is 266.8 lbs, I have to prepare my business for a three month sabbatical. As of now, my business is all dependent on me. I have to prepare my mind for doing something that I would have never thought of just a few years ago.

Please submit your email below. I will start by sending you a few emails. First about the Journey of Hope and why I would consider doing the ride. Second some background on myself. Third where I’m starting form and the goals I have to hit along the way over the next 11 months. After that I’ll keep you updated on my progress and hope you will follow along till I end up riding into Washington DC on a bike I’ve ridden across the United States of America.

Journey of Hope training for finnious


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