All time favorite albums from local Memphis bands

Taking the opportunity to talk about the Memphis band Big Ass Truck is a hobby of mine.

Big Ass Truck Hat
A couple days before the #BigAssTruckReunion2014 show

Over on Reddit…

So what are some of your all time favorite albums from local Memphis bands?

u/nicholas_finlayson asked in r/memphis

My answer…

Here is the list of Memphis bands I’m most frequently pushing on Memphians and Non-Memphians.

Big Ass Truck Go get all the albums

Robby Grant / Vending Machine

Secret Service / Justice Nacycz

North Mississippi Allstars

Lord T & Eloise

Eric Gales

Sometimes you are lucky and get combinations Eric Gales, Lord T & Eloise, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, Live 2011.07.22

River City Tanlines

Sid Selvidge

Triple Six Mafia

Justin Timberlake … That’s right Mr JT

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