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Been meaning to get more thoughts/ideas out of my head and into digital(text,audio,video) formats.

What does the world want to hear my options on?
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New content being created, old content being cleaned up.

  • Be a Good Customer

    When I’m out in the world, interacting with anyone as a customer, I have a new mantra. “Be a Good Customer” Have you noticed every business is struggling with staffing? Have you noticed every business is struggling with supply chain issues? Have you noticed everyone is struggling with how the pandemic has negatively impacted their… Continue reading Be a Good Customer

  • Focus: How You Can

    It’s exausting. Ideas of how we can achieve something are becoming a scarce resource. There are many ways to label a rising epidemic. More and more people appear to be gravitating to a victim mentality. They see everything as awful and just focus their attention to the obstacles they encounter in life. This pandemic has… Continue reading Focus: How You Can

  • All time favorite albums from local Memphis bands

    Memphis bands I’m most frequently pushing on Memphians and Non-Memphians. A reddit post I decided to share on my blog. SPOILER ALERT there will be BIG ASS TRUCK content