Brands + NFTs = Future

Quick take on this NFT stuff

If you are watching the NFT space, there is a big push to partner with offline brands. Any one with an audience, community, customer base, whatever you want to label “a group of people” should be aware.

NBA players & rappers are brining more people into the world of NFT ownership.

NFTs have been in my “ignore, this is a bright shiny object” treat this as a distraction from where to focus in web3 land.

This week, I’ve started testing the waters as a user to better understand how all this NFT stuff works.

Yes, it’s all internet funny money. However the generations after us(I was born in 79) have lived in the digital world their whole lives.

People our age(earlier 40s) and older want cars, watches, shoes to show off how “successful” they are.

Younger generations are gaming and accumulating digital stuff as bling.

Where is this NFT stuff going?

At first glace, NFTs are JPGs. It doesn’t take long to discover these silly animal JPGs are move valuable than the owners car.

Having usernames and passwords is the worst approach to online security. It was a great idea at the time, but the times have changed.

Typing credit card information into a website to buy something is a huge pain in the ass and the bad guys have figured out how to get all those needed values to buy anything they like using your account.

I see NFTs as the next solution to digital ownership/proof.

If your old enough to remember a a credit card was needed to lift the numbers for the transaction. Now there is a chip for the retailer to get the needed information.

Why do we need these tangible cards?

NFTs are a visual representation of a digital asset.

Think of all those cards in your wallet.

Think of when you use a piece of paper for proof of anything.

Think of how nice it is when you can just show your phone instead…

  • Concert Tickets
  • Car Insurance card
  • hotel/airbnb access key
  • Local Zoo Membership card

The above are the easy to see, just need to migrate the masses over ideas.

What are the forward thinkers doing…

These NFTs play nicely with smart contracts. Ownership of one can connect you to a larger pool of participants.

The tech is already in place for brands to involve customers/fans/investors in the upside.

I’m going to stop here because now my brain is flooded with hypothetical examples, but if I start typing them out, I’ll never publish this post.

I’ll leave you with a short list of Brands I know like and trust that could jump into the NFT space. If you are on this list, I’m happy to share my ideas and point you to some examples of things happening today and how you might test or go all in on a project.

Some Brands I’d like to see enter the space…

Osiris Media

Cash Or Trade

Sun Studios

St Jude

Wiseacre Brewery

Phish LivePhish

Concert Tickets in general

Dynamite Circle

Pi Kappa Phi

Auburn University Alumni

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