Interest and Ideas

A place to share things I’m interested in and ideas in my head.

Some topics I’m frequently learning about and speaking to others about include: web3, blockchain technology, DeFi, Crypto, NFTs, Tesla.

  • Content Creating for 2022

    Just brain dumping some thoughts I had this morning. Some topics I might create content on this year coffee phish levitt shell Memphis web3 blockchain NFTs email marketing SEO Meetups South Park Alf Rasslin food water health automation service projects music – guitar 1,000 true fans take a walk Content easy to create for publishing… Continue reading Content Creating for 2022

  • Crypto Gaming

    Updated 12/15/2021 When it comes to Crypto Gaming, I’m watching the following: BEWARE of spam accounts claiming to be these accounts. They will try anything to get access to your web3 wallets. AlexBecker EllioTrades Crypto Nat Eliason

  • Coinbase NFTs

    Coinbase is getting into NFTs. For good reason… 99.4%¬†of Coinbase users don’t own an NFT. @NathanCRoth Here is my waitlist URL, click away…

  • Brands + NFTs = Future

    Quick take on this NFT stuff If you are watching the NFT space, there is a big push to partner with offline brands. Any one with an audience, community, customer base, whatever you want to label “a group of people” should be aware. NBA players & rappers are brining more people into the world of… Continue reading Brands + NFTs = Future

  • NFTs Where To Collect

    The backstory can find its way on to the site some other time. Ready to purchase an NTF? Make your way over to Opensea and get started. At the time of publishing this post I have 3 recommended NFT collections to consider buying into. The best way to find out my current collections is… Continue reading NFTs Where To Collect

  • Coach Bill Courtney from Undefeated documentary

    Post updated on 10/26/21 I recently heard Coach Bill Courtney speak again. Here is the video. The below was written on November 3, 2015… Last night I heard Coach Bill Courtney from the documentary Undefeated speak. Give the trailer above a quick view if you haven’t already seen the movie. If the trailer didn’t do… Continue reading Coach Bill Courtney from Undefeated documentary