Coach Bill Courtney from Undefeated documentary

Post updated on 10/26/21

I recently heard Coach Bill Courtney speak again. Here is the video.

The below was written on November 3, 2015…

Last night I heard Coach Bill Courtney from the documentary Undefeated speak.

Give the trailer above a quick view if you haven’t already seen the movie.

If the trailer didn’t do it, I’ll let someone else convince you to watch the movie. This post is to share some notes I jotted down.

Coach Courtney is passionate about all the grant money and government programming will never make a change.

Nothing changes till people care

Coach Bill Courtney

Coach Courtney on volunteering…

It’s not a nice thing to do. To go volunteer … it’s a requirement

Coach Bill Courtney

Breaking down his message to it’s simplest form…

1) Realize you are blessed
2) Realize you have a responsibility
3) Get off your butt and go help

It’s that easy

Coach Bill Courtney

On leaders…

Want to measure the effectiveness of a leader, watch their followers

Coach Bill Courtney

A true leader serves and gives credit to followers

Coach Bill Courtney

On government and private handouts…

There is nothing more destructive than a hand out… it makes someone dependent

Coach Bill Courtney

A hand up is a blessing

Coach Bill Courtney

I felt the need to post this when I realized I had shared these notes with a couple people and bought Coach Courtney’s book in under 12 hours of hearing him speak.

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