Turning Point: How I Lost 16 Pounds in Less Than a Month

Rapid Fat Loss Journey: How a Major Life Event Changed Everything
From 290 to 274: My Rapid Weight Loss Story


Introduction & Context

I’m experiencing rapid fat loss, and it’s not by accident. Over the past six years, my weight had been slowly creeping up. But a major life event—losing my dad this past July—kicked me into gear. I’ve embarked on a weight loss journey for personal accountability and to hopefully inspire someone else. If you’re curious about rapid weight loss or need some inspiration, you’ll want to read this.

The Catalyst

Fast forward to August 17th, 2023. I stepped on the scale, and the number staring back at me was 290.7 pounds. I hadn’t seen that number in over six years. That was my “OMG moment.” I realized that grieving my father’s loss had led me to neglect my own well-being. It was time to take action.

The Plan: Book Recommended by My Doctor

Earlier this year, my primary care physician suggested a book that has become the cornerstone of my weight loss strategy. The book boils down the complexity of weight loss into:

  • What to eat
  • When to eat

Main guidelines:

  • Reduce sugar
  • Cut down on refined grains
  • Moderate protein intake
  • Increase natural fats
  • Add more fiber and vinegar to your diet

Current Progress

Since that fateful day in August, I’ve been diligently following my plan. Sticking to my morning routine has been a game-changer. As of today, September 9th, I weigh 274 pounds. That’s a significant drop from 290.7 pounds! I’ve been tracking my weight daily and have noticed the fluctuations, but overall, the trend is downward, and that’s what counts. If anyone’s interested in my morning routine, feel free to ask!

Challenges & Adaptations

I’ve faced challenges, especially when it comes to sticking to a 36-hour fasting schedule twice a week. But I’ve adapted. For instance, this week, I managed to do a 36-hour fast once and have been fasting for 20 hours on other days.


This is my journey so far, and I’m sharing it for accountability and to hopefully inspire someone else out there. I’ve found it helpful to share ongoing updates with a small group of friends via text. I’ll be updating you all as I go along, so stay tuned!

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, I’ll be diving deeper into macronutrients. My goal is to determine 3 to 5 meals that hit my macronutrient goals. I’m planning to source my proteins and veggies from Costco and use my newly acquired air fryer for meal prep. I’ll keep you posted!

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