Tracking: Sleep, HRV, Overall Readiness

Oura Ring

I only wear and look at one health tracking wearable. I started wearing an Oura Ring back in early 2019.

Sleep tracking was my primary driver in getting an Oura Ring. This wearable shows you how physical activity, certain meals, meal timing, alcohol consumption, sleep timing, and just about anything that might happen in the day can impact your sleep.

The oura is not just a collection of historical data. The information you see in the Oura app is actionable.

The app interface and information has continued to improve. I am now paying more attention to my HRV score.

Speaking of HRV, the current oura tracks your HRV during your sleep… but we just learned some Exciting news!!!

The Oura Ring Generation 3 is now available for pre-order. This news solved my “what do I want for Christmas this year?”.

Oura sizing kit
Oura Sizing kit

Today(11/2/2021), the Oura Sizing Kit arrived. I’ll wear one of these for a few days to confirm the ring size best for me.

Learn more about the Oura ring.

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