What is a “Kiwi Walk”, why do you hashtag #kiwiwalk?

For my Twitter followers that ask, what the hell is a “Kiwi Walk“, why do you tag #kiwiwalk all the time?

I dug around in my inbox and found the following quote by Chris “the Kiwi” Ashenden.

“I went for a little walk in the sun (10 minutes) to get some fresh air and Vitamin D, and to get my neurotransmitters firing” 8/8/11

After this email @ARVaught and @finnious starting referring to taking a walk outside as a “Kiwi Walk“.

Kiwi Walk Rules

  1. take a walk every day
  2. outside (rain or shine)
  3. 10 minutes at least but try for 1 hour

Before you click on to the next website and forget all about this post. I challenge you to take a Kiwi Walk for the next seven days. Go ahead and put it in your google calendar right now.

It might sound like such a little thing. A daily walk couldn’t make a significant difference. I’m telling you from experience it does.

Kiwi Walk benefits I have experienced:

  • stress reduction
  • boost in creativity
  • running into people I don’t see on a regular basis

I have found this walk to be a great time for:

  • silent meditation
  • audio book listening
  • podcast listening
  • brainstorming
  • phone calls with friends

The kiwiwalk blog post has been on my mind to write for a couple years now. The final push to just write it came today when I was reading an email from the man himself Chris the kiwi Ashenden. The email subject “Are You Doing these 5 VITAL Things To Boost Your Immunity?” included a mention of @finnious’s #KiwiWalk hashtag. Thank you Kiwi for this mention, but I thank you most of all for your great emails.

Action Items:

Reader, make a commitment to taking a #KiwiWalk for the next 7 days. Why not start today? Drop a comment below letting me know how it goes. If you do the social media stuff, use the #KiwiWalk hashtag and spread the word to your followers.

I would love to hear from you. We can talk KiwiWalks or anything else. Just drop a comment below.

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