Health Update – 2021.09.23


It appears this COVID stuff is not “going away”.

I believe the best course of action is to strengthen the immune system for what we are facing today and future COVID variants/viruses.

For me, this means: Focus on quality sleep, burn stored fat, and live an active daily lifestyle.

I agree with this quote…
“To lose weight and keep it off, follow the 80% nutrition, 20% exercise rule. Creating a caloric deficit and speeding up your metabolism through exercise, can help you be successful on your weight loss journey.”

In short, fat is lost in the kitchen more than in the gym.

Some Metrics:
15 weeks remain in 2021.
If I burn an average of 4 lbs of fat per week, I’ll be at my goal of 220 lbs by the start of 2022.
If I burn 1 lb of fat a week, I’ll be healthier than I am today.

The Diet:

Rules of the Slow-Carb Diet

Rule #1: Avoid “White” Carbohydrates
Rule #2: Eat the Same Few Meals Over and Over Again
Rule #3: Don’t Drink Calories
Rule #4: Don’t Eat Fruit
Rule #5: Take One Day off per Week

The Activity Plan:

Turn decision making over to someone else.
Ben Greenfield is launching a Boundless Training Program on 9/20.
It uses an app similar to the Born Fitness App I had success with in the past.
Audible called here. The app I was planning to use is only iOS. I’m a happy Pixel user.
Going to use the content in the Boundless Book to get things started.

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