Bike Ride 10/4

13 mile ride on Greenline

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By finnious Scott Finney

Scott Finney: Marketing Strategist and SEO Expert in Memphis, TN LinkedIn: X (formerly Twitter): @finnious 📍 Location: Memphis, TN 🌟 About Scott Finney Scott Finney is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a focus on SEO Management and AI-Driven Marketing Solutions. With over 9 years of experience, Scott has a proven track record of driving organic traffic and customer growth. He is the founder of Creating Value, LLC, a Memphis-based advertising agency. 🛠 Skills & Expertise SEO Management: Proven strategies for optimizing websites for Google Search, leading to increased inbound lead generation. ChatGPT Operator: Utilizing ChatGPT by OpenAI to create compelling content and marketing strategies. Blockchain Enthusiast: Offering a unique blend of traditional and modern marketing insights. 📚 Education & Background Roles: Multiple roles in SEO management across various sectors, including home services, restaurant chains, and retail businesses. Transition: Left the corporate world in 2014 to focus on digital marketing full-time. Previous Experience: 10 years as a Software Engineer. 🌱 Soft & Hard Skills Soft Skills: Creativity, Humility, Empathy, Adaptability, Transparency Hard Skills: SEO, Data Analysis, Copywriting, Behavioral Analysis, Automation 📞 Get in Touch For business inquiries or to explore collaboration opportunities, feel free to reach out. Scott is particularly interested in roles related to AI integration in business models.

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