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  • Turning Point: How I Lost 16 Pounds in Less Than a Month

    Discover how a major life event spurred me into action, leading to rapid fat loss and a transformative journey. From 290.7 to 274 pounds in less than a month—find out how I did it and how you can too!

  • What is a “Kiwi Walk”, why do you hashtag #kiwiwalk?

    For my Twitter followers that ask, what the hell is a “Kiwi Walk“, why do you tag #kiwiwalk all the time? I dug around in my inbox and found the following quote by Chris “the Kiwi” Ashenden. “I went for a little walk in the sun (10 minutes) to get some fresh air and Vitamin……

  • Tracking: Sleep, HRV, Overall Readiness

    I only wear and look at one health tracking wearable. I started wearing an Oura Ring back in early 2019. Sleep tracking was my primary driver in getting an Oura Ring. This wearable shows you how physical activity, certain meals, meal timing, alcohol consumption, sleep timing, and just about anything that might happen in the……

  • Calorie Targets – Where and How I Started

    Here go, I’ve been happy with my physical activity reboot. It’s now time to pick some daily calorie targets. I’m using Ben Greenfield’s book Boundless for the framework here. Determine my basal metabolic rate or BMR Using Harris-Benedict Calculator (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) BMR is your baseline for laying in bed all day RMR is……

  • Health Update – 2021.09.23

    Published: It appears this COVID stuff is not “going away”. I believe the best course of action is to strengthen the immune system for what we are facing today and future COVID variants/viruses. For me, this means: Focus on quality sleep, burn stored fat, and live an active daily lifestyle. I agree with this quote…“To……