Coffee Talk

Are you just here to talk about coffee with finnious?

I just want to talk about coffee.

My favorite mug is my Phish Coffee Mug

I’ve always enjoyed coffee, but would never splurge on a cup of quality coffee till a couple years ago. That’s right, I was one of those kcup drinkers. Those were dark times.

Intermittent fasting lead me to drink coffee every day. Now a cup or two of coffee is part of my morning ritual. A little over a year ago I joined a coffee bean subscription service that I LOVE. Follow that link and you will see what beans I have set to arrive next.

My current home set up is a manual burr grinder and french press. I take my grinder and aeropress with me when I travel.

Ethiopian Beans are my favorite. Have you noticed Ethiopian beans have so much more flavor than South American beans? There is a reason…

Tell me about your coffee. Do you have a favorite bean origin? How about the story of how you woke up one day and realized life is too short to be drinking kcups? By the way, kcups are just instant coffee in a plastic cup. What are you adding to your coffee? Have you tried the butter coffee yet?

One day I’ll have a podcast on this topic. Drop me a comment below and maybe you can be a guest on this future podcast. We can start the conversation on the topic of coffee. Then see where it goes from there. Till I launch the podcast, we can chat here, on snapchat, on twitter, on instagram, and even on Facebook.

Don’t forget to Heat Your Vessel.