Meet Scott Finney, a passionate entrepreneur who embraces personal growth and community impact. Based in Tennessee, Scott loves escaping to the mountains for a peaceful retreat.

Scott Finney Journey of Hope cyclist 2017 Colorado
Scott Finney Journey of Hope cyclist 2017 in Colorado

A lifelong Pi Kappa Phi brother, Scott is dedicated to their philanthropic efforts. In 2017, he completed the Journey of Hope, a cross-country bicycle ride that raises awareness for The Ability Experience, a cause close to his heart. He practices yoga regularly, enjoys live music (especially from the band Phish), and is learning guitar while experimenting with AI tools to create music. He’s also a big fan of a good cup of coffee brewed with Ethiopian beans.

Scott Sarah and Jane Finney in Auburn at Pi Kappa Phi
Scott, Sarah, and Jane Finney in Auburn at Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity House in 2023

Scott is happily married to an Ole Miss grad and is a proud Auburn University alum.

Scott Sarah Finney Auburn football 2023
Scott and Sarah Finney in Auburn at football game in 2023

On the business side, Scott is the founder of Creating Value LLC and Director of SEO at Drop The Strap Marketing, helping clients with enterprise SEO strategies and small business growth. He recently launched a dry seasoning on Amazon, blending his entrepreneurial spirit with his love for good flavor. He is working on a soon to be announced party game.

Scott Finney learning guitar
Scott Finney learning guitar

Always exploring new ventures, Scott brings creativity and a genuine drive to every project he tackles. Scott uses his website https://finnious.com/ to share his thoughts and ideas. Scott’s diverse interests and experiences make him a unique individual dedicated to exploring his contributions to the world.

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