A quick update on the challenge.
If you don’t know about the challenge Check out this post

It’s Saturday and my final weigh in is Wednesday.

I committed to 20lbs

starting weight 264.2
current weight 249.3

How it looks by the numbers


Click to enlarge

5.1 lbs in 4 days… I’m feeling optimistic.

Had a nice hour long #kiwiwalk this morning. Around 4pm I’ll be hitting up some kettlebell swings and hill sprints. The past few days I have been running hill springs on a grass hill instead of the usual sidewalk. It is more leaves and slight mud patches than grass at the moment, but I have enjoyed the change in scenery.

Next 30 or 60 day challenge I do will be better documented. I am thinking about filming some updates in addition to just typing them out.

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