Snapchat 2016 project update 1

The Snapchat 2016 project is going strong. I’ve now been active on Snapchat for a few days.

My content has been coffee heavy to start and there is a reason for this. If you want to start a new habit, eliminate as many obstacles as possible. Coffee is part of my daily ritual. If you want to talk about coffee with finnious, that can be arranged.

Actions to gain followers:

  • asked my Instagram followers to follow me on Snapchat
  • asked my twitter followers to follow me on Snapchat
  • updated my Twitter profile pic with my Snapchat follow code
  • updated my Facebook profile pic with my Snapchat follow code
  • followed everyone I found via my contacts
  • started talking about the accounts I follow on social media
  • started chatting in Snapchat with the influences I follow
  • talking to others I know outside the app about what they are seeing
  • added Snapchat follow code to contact page
  • added Snapchat follow code to any blog post I can(see below)

finnious Snapchat 2016

What I like about Snapchat so far:

It is nice to know the private messages disappears after being consumed. I didn’t expect this. It makes the texting more like a conversation you would have in real life. SMS is like a conversation with a stenographer.

You don’t know what a f*cking stenographer is holmes – Jables of Tenacious D

These follow codes are awesome! If you see one anywhere on your phone, just screen shot it. Next time you are in your app select the pic and Snapchat adds this person. Who knew QR codes would get another bump in use before vanishing forever like we heard that would. Snapchat is a great image creation tool for my other. It is easy to toss up some text and download the image later if you put it in your story(example below).

Example of an image I creating in Snnpchat and posted to my twitter & Instagram

Example of an image I creating in Snapchat and posted to my twitter & Instagram

Dislikes about Snapchat:

It’s just early adopters out there. I haven’t figured out the Snapchat vibe yet. This might be because it hasn’t been established. Are there existing jokes I’m missing? Early twitter had some great call back jokes that new users missed. Reddit has ongoing jokes that take forever to figure out if you ever do pick up on them.

Undecided if it is a like or dislike:

I haven’t found a good way to share a link other than write it on the image. Snapchat may never add this and it might be wise to never add it. Look at Facebook all they do is try to keep you from leaving the app.

Are you out there in Snapchat land?
if you aren’t, join the Snapchat 2016 party today!
If you are already on Snapchat, what are your likes/dislikes?
Are you following me? Say hey via the chat if you are.

Author: Scott Finney

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