Snapchat 2016 finnious

If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, you already know 2016 will be the year everyone embraces Snapchat. Today I’m following Gary’s instructions to get out there and get active on the Snapchat platform. My username is finnious on Snapchat. Please follow my account and say hey in the chat.

finnious Snapchat 2016

Never before have QR codes been so useful and “cool” to use.

I consider this the third time I’ve tried out Snapchat. I first grabbed the app when no one was doing anything. It was just like twitter at first. I had two or three friends on Snap and we sent pics to each other for a few days then forgot all about it.  The Snapchat app was deleted shortly after. The next time I took a look around was when VICE started posting content. This kept my interest for a few weeks. I’d open the app to scan the VICE stuff and maybe see a running post by @otownpyle but that was it.

Today I embraced the Snapchat. The plan is to be active on the platform for a month or maybe three months and see how it goes. I started the day off with some morning coffee snaps and snapped some of my MullteMan2016 training. Later in the day i updated my Facebook, Twitter, Peach, and Tinder accounts to put my Snapchat code in front of everyone’s eyes.

Now get the Snapchat app if you haven’t already. Then follow me at finnious on Snapchat. You can use the image in this blog post to connect with me. After you follow me, say hey via the chat.

Author: Scott Finney

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