LSSR podcast: LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. REPEAT. podcast now in iTunes

Huge update: today the LSSR podcast: LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. REPEAT. podcast is live in iTunes. It only took 8+ hours of content that will never get published. Due to sound quality and talk of topics that shouldn’t be public knowledge.

@brianwentzloff, @kenngibbs, and @finnious finally published the first podcast. The current working title is LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. REPEAT. podcast or LSSR podcast for short. You will have to type in “listen subscribe” in itunes to find it.

It is bizarre listening to myself have a conversation. Guess it is time to get comfortable with the sound of my voice. There are a lot of exciting updates I wish could share,  but we talk about them in the next episode.

Check out the first episode on itunes HERE. Then follow the instructions:

  1. subscribe to the feed
  2. share this new podcast with everyone you know via every social media channels
  3. repeat with every episode.

We already have the next episode recorded. In the 2nd episode we discuss all that went into publishing the first episode.

LSSR podcast is seeking sponsorship. Contact us, if you have a product or service you would like to showcase.

I’ll let you get to the listening and sharing. After dropping a 5 star review in iTunes, leave us a comment.

Author: Scott Finney

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