There is a magical place online called Inbox Zero

Have you ever been there? I have a few times. It felt wonderful. Then Inbox Zero was gone.

I see a lot of daily to-do list being shared on Snapchat. Instead of going that route, I am going to try out a weekly goal.

We are starting off this experiment with Inbox Zero. As I’m writing this, I could see Inbox Zero being a monthly task like changing the sheets. I have a bad habit of using my inbox as a place to store my action items. It works but it also invites others to contribute to my list of stuff to get done. Someone says “your inbox is someone else list of stuff for you to do”.

In 2016 I am pushing myself to really work on my business and just in my business. Just like Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited says to. Now you understand all the recent updates to 🙂

In order to focus in on what really makes a difference, I’ve got to clear out more distractions.

Snapchat is being mentioned here because I’m giving this Snapchat thing a try for the beginning of 2016.

Here is the starting point:

  • 105 unread emails
  • 220 read but not archived emails
Inbox Zero 105 unread emails
Inbox Zero 220 read not archived emails

See you a week from now when I have to report on my progress.

Anyone joining me on this?

Author: Scott Finney

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