Today we have a finnious podcast update!

Fired up the mics a couple days ago and spent some time poking around in Garageband. I had some issues with the input levels being too low. This morning a real life audio engineer looked at the set up. It didn’t take @brianwentzloff long to figure out the issue.

The finnious podcast is becoming a reality.

We still need to locate a power cable to fix the low levels. But the audio levels aren’t too low to still pick up something. We did a quick test to hear just what is coming across. The test resulted in 48 mins of Brian and I chit chatting about a variety of topics. We only stopped due to someone needing the room we were recording in.brianwentzloff-finnious-podcast

Note: Before you read the next section, I have not listened to the playback at the time of writing this post.

It shocked me how easy the conversation flowed after the initial “this is a test of the audio levels” intro. Brian said it best with “I can see how Joe Rogan just goes for three hours”.

I planned to start out publishing a cooking series. This was just to have something to say into the mic. After today, content appears to be less of a challenge than getting the right people to sit down and talk. I feel the flow would have been better if we spent five minutes brainstorming topics before hitting the record button.

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