The Blab website says anyone can host your own talk show. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to start one up.

My friend Amanda Hill ( twitter | blab ) has a Social Media Q & A blab scheduled for this Sunday at 4pm CST Link HERE

Just 3 days before the big event I was asked to co-host. I have heard about blab and seen people promoting their shows? events? sessions? talks? I don’t know what you call them.

A quick test run and everything on my PC checked out. Audio and video are a go for this Sunday. Here is the reply:


Some folks I follow on Snapchat are frequent blabers. Maybe this weekend i’ll get sucked into that world.

So join our talk this Sunday. Bring your Social Media questions for Amanda to answer. If you bring a Snapchat question maybe I’ll have some knowledge to share on the topic.

If hosting your own talk show is interesting to you and you have a twitter account, it is just a few clicks and you are live on blab.

Someone remind me to update my LinkedIn skills on Sunday Afternoon. “Blab co-host” has a nice ring to it.

Anyone out there already beat me to the blab scene? Leave me some pointers in the comments.

Author: Scott Finney

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