I had the easiest 5k run this morning to date and the last day I went for a run was 4 months ago.

Memphians were tailgating for the Ole Miss vs U of Memphis football game this morning. I participated in the Le Bonheur Pumpkin Run 5k. I’m not a runner. There has to be a reason I decide to run. This morning the reason was Le Bonheur. Here is a link to toss some money Le Bonheur’s way. I forgot to spread the word so my donation level is embarrassing… until someone like you decides to change that 🙂

Le Bonheur Pumpkin Run 5k

Le Bonheur Pumpkin Run 5k

Back in March, I went on a few runs with a friend of mine. These morning runs were more business meeting than run. So, I had to figure out a way to be able to talk and run at the same time.

Time to give Chi Running a try.

This wasn’t my first attempt to “get into running”. Five or Six years ago I did a string of 5ks with some friends but I never could keep the running going. I find it boring and it always was a strain on my knees.

The Chi Running method has been a total game changer. The running is still boring, but I don’t feel beat up afterwards like before. Chi Running is just transitioning you body between two yoga poses. One pose is balancing yourself on your right foot. The other pose is balancing yourself on your left foot. To go faster, just lean forward. This lean is at the ankle, not the waist.

I have now discovered why I felt beat up after running in the past. My previous running method was to push myself forward then catch myself. This constant start and stop is where my knees were getting repeated impact.

I am nowhere near where I need to be on the perfect Chi Running form. But it didn’t take much practice to see huge results.

Give Chi Running a try and let me know how it goes. I listen to the book via Audible. This helps to run through the focus points while running.

Author: Scott Finney

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