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Early 2013 began an amazing adventure. My desire for experience and travel finally out weighed my want for a steady pay check. It has not been an easy journey, but the reward has far exceeded the risk.

I enjoy travel and live music. There is nothing better than combining the two. Have you ever seen one of your favorite live performers three nights in a row in a city you have never been to? If no, come on buddy, time to experience that.

Domestic travel helps me put priorities in the correct order. International travel helps me identify what my priorities are.

Memphis is the place I have spent majority of my life. South America was the trip that had the largest impact on my life.

Easter Island is on the bucket list for travel.

My morning ritual involves coffee and expressing gratitude.

Playing guitar and speaking Spanish are the two goals that continue to fall through the cracks. I hope to update this page in the next six months and update the status of this paragraph.

ALF is by far the greatest TV show ever.

I’ve had the finnious domain since getting the nickname in college.

If you have read this far, we should grab a coffee when in the same city or at least say hey over on twitter.

What is something you find interesting now? What are you working on? What do you wish you were working on? What book should I read? How can I help you with something? Who can I introduce you to? What band have you loved for over half your life? What city should I visit? What is something going on where you live that everyone should know about? What brought you to finnious.com? What content were you looking for that you didn’t find here?

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